2-5 November 2023 | 4-day GONGRETREAT - Inner Journey


2 to 5 November 2023 | intensive gong retreat |
WHEEL OF SOUND - Inner Journey
at our premises in Overlangel

What can you expect?

- intensive gong and sound retreat with:


- 'Facing The Inner Child' gong meditation

- 'Wheel of Sound' - inner journey

-  gongpuja


-  light Pranayama breathing exercises

-  light Qi-Gong exercises

-  poetry


-  delicious vegetarian meals from our chef 

-  beautiful serene and comfortable location

-  3 days + 1 night

A journey inwards through sound.

On the floodplains of the old Meuse river bordering De Keent nature reserve, you will find our sound chapel. A lovely serene environment to come home to and feel at home in. We will now give our gong retreat here for the first time.


The power of sound

In sound, we meet and are together. The personal dissolves into impersonal awareness in which the spontaneous, unique moment unfolds.


What can you expect?

With everything we do, the meditative quality of sound is central. Always tuning into silence. You will learn about the underlying meaning of gong and gong baths. You will play and listen to gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls and other overtone instruments yourself. You will learn to give your own sound baths, gong and sound meditations and play in groups.
You will also meditate on sound and learn to tune yourself to and with the gong.
During the retreat, we regularly do light Pranayama and Qi Gong exercises.



24 uurs retreat Overlangel A programme component is a ceremony in which you play the gong with 'facing your inner child' as an intention.

And as a finale, we do the nightly gongpuja. A ritual where we spend 7.5 hours together during the night. The gongs are played non-stop in rotation by the participants. In addition, you lie down to sleep and/or meditate. Due to the duration of the puja, a complete reset of body-mind follows. The mental, emotional and physical becomes super-conductive, causing the ego's usual resistance to dissolve into unconditional being. A beautifully purifying experience as a finale.


For whom.

For advanced and beginners seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and immerse themselves in pure awareness through sound. Giving and receiving are central.
There is a lot of playing and training in pure, impersonal listening, playing and feeling. This is an important part of being able to give and receive so unconditionally. The invitation is in pure awareness (consciousness, presence) to let the play unfold. 


What our guests and participants think: REVIEWS


The retreat takes place in an intimate, small setting of a maximum of 15 people. So DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG.

During the last night of the gongpuja, you will stay with us at the property. You have to book the two preceding nights yourself (including breakfast).
There are ample hotels and B&Bs nearby. For example, check out: BedandBreakfast.co.uk, AirBnB.com or Booking.com for opportunities. We can help you with that if needed.
The daily programme is from about 9am to 9.30pm.
If you come by public transport, you will be picked up from the station.

Price is €595 (including all meals and various types of water & tea).


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