What participants share with us:


Thank you dear Gwen, dear Harry,

...for possibility creation, ...for his, ...For sinking so deeply into silence, For your field, your resonances... Thank you, wonderful beings!




Dear Gwen and Harry,

Thank you for the wonderful gathering last weekend. It has been a beautiful healing journey for my nervous system.
How nice it is to connect with like-minded souls and, through the sounding frequencies, catalyse the self-healing capacity of our universal essence. ✨🌹✨



What an enrichment of my pure being. So many things fell into place. 

"How much I enjoyed you, the warm location and the group.
Dear Harry thank you for your wise words, your compassion, your hugs, your "bullying" , your mirror, your pure BEING.

Dear Gwen thank you for your love, your cheerfulness, your enjoyment, your dancing, your hugs, your caring, your playfulness, your passion, your pure BEING.
What I also find very special are the poems you read. I loved it and this too has impact.
I would love to come back to experience all this again but probably again in a completely different way but to be able to be with you and your hospitality in an environment that feels so good is a gift to me every time."

- Daphne -

What a powerful experience!

After last weekend's retreat, a lot happened and I sit mostly in gratitude and emotion. I really enjoyed the fine moments, the conversations and everything that was just allowed to be. Working with sounds in this way has connected me further at a deeper layer with my essence. You really are masters in what you do, which I love to learn from because I notice that this makes my heart very happy.
- Rhiannon-


The amazing gong retreat is still working through. What a nice place, what delicious food, what beautiful gongs, what healing sounds. What a fantastic interplay the sounding of a gong is.


I really loved the retreat. How wonderful to lie in sound like that and let it carry you. And to let it cleanse and purify everything. It felt very powerful.
A lot of fatigue came to me. I really had a lot of new energy afterwards. 

The retreat was magical.

" My heart still makes a jump when I think back. The confidence and wisdom you draped over me, like grandma's self-knitted patchwork quilt. Your knowledge that the source of creation in each will open as long as we descend to our deepest feeling, the power of silence. Breathing from a heart full of love, living through trial and error, fully Being in all imperfections that are ultimately perfect. Your purity in giving is an inspiration. It was a delight and I feel extremely grateful that you came my way".

- Daphne -

The most beautiful retreat I have ever experienced.

The 5-day gong retreat with you at the Lichthuis in Zandvoort is definitely the most beautiful retreat and experience, I have ever experienced.
It is definitely recommended for anyone, who wants to take an inner journey, but also experience a lot of love and connection. Especially in these challenging times, where there is so much unrest in the world, I can't think of anything that puts you more in your power and where so much love resonates. The gongs and other sound instruments are a fantastic tool to quiet the mind and tap into the intuition and deeper layers of your being and consciousness.
The place is lovely, the food a feast of tasty, healthy food.
The rituals we got to experience were so beautiful and refined and there was an instant click with the other participants, an awesome group and energy.
We are still in touch with many of them and very grateful for the encounters.

- Natalie -

It was enjoyable.

How much I enjoyed your 5-day sound retreat. The energy you put out there, through a warm welcome in fantastic surroundings gives you a special feeling from day one. The words you chose bring you to a different awareness of the sounds. You created a safe environment in which you were allowed to experience, play, learn, feel and enjoy. After these days, all my sensors were completely open and I perceived much more in sound and vision. I turned on something in my body that I cannot yet describe in words. I am grateful for these days and not forgetting the delicious food the beautiful encounters.

- Erwin -

A fantastic journey.

It has been over a week and I am still enjoying it. What an amazing journey it was. I wish everyone to be able to take a similar journey. The gongs take you to the truth and to the silence. Gwen and Harry, thank you so much! You made this a fantastic journey for us, as tour guides and space keepers.

- Margot -

A musical dance, one-ness with what is...

What an experience. The Sound, the Silence, The Being.
Surrounded by gongs, surrounded by singing bowls. Being open to their vibrations and the various sounds. Consciously, unconsciously.
I let it happen and surrender.
Playing the gongs and singing bowls.
Getting carried away by their invitations.
My arms moving in a dance.
Let the beaters in my hands dance across the shiny metal.
The dance of my sound, the dance of gongs and singing bowls.
A musical dance, one-ness with what is.
I float and get carried away in my own story.
And in between is silence. Silence that is always there. Silence from which sounds emerge. Again and again, ever different sounds Vibrations, vibrations.
And me? I vibrate and vibrate along.
Walking among the gongs and past the singing bowls that look at me invitingly. They whisper "play us, listen us, hear us. And I listen, play and hear.
My body moves in a dance. The dance of gongs and singing bowls The dance of my sound,
A musical dance, one-ness with that which is.
Beyond that which is and is not
Coming home to myself.

- Frank -

So much surrender and love.

I want to let you know how deeply impressed I am about this retreat experience. So much love! 

- Orquídea -



Thank you so much for this amazing retreat. So much surrender and love from you. 

- Lilyan -

You are not going to feel better, but you will get better at feeling...

 This is exactly why I signed up for the retreat. I didn't actually know what to expect. I had never been introduced to gongs before, didn't know what a gong puja was.... It was fantastic. Afterwards, I thought 'Actually, everyone should experience something like that in their lives'.

The purity of sound. The magic - and power - of gongs.
The retreat is a deepening into yourself, carried by the sound of the gongs. You learn to play the gongs, to communicate with them. You also get to know all kinds of sound healing instruments. A kind of tasting in the world of sound healing, with a deepening of the gongs.

All thanks to the warm and knowledgeable guidance of Gwen and Harry, and the connection with the other participants. Not to mention the beautiful location. I think lifechanging is a big word, but the experience of this retreat does feel that way. It opened new doors for me, which I now enjoy with love, passion and a lot of fun!


...A wonderful journey.

The Weel of Sound's retreat has allowed so much beauty to be felt, heard and seen. Gwen and Harry are the great example of being one, that everything is love. These 5 days have brought me to the core. They allowed me to feel what it is like to convey sound from the purest intention, love. Incredibly grateful to experience what sound sounds like when you are in total surrender and oneness with yourself, the instrument and everyone.

Thank you Harry & Gwen, I feel a richer person, a wonderful journey to never forget and apply in my life daily. 💖

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