Inspired by the telling poem ''Come with me' of Rumi, we had a sound-guided meditation included, which can give you direction and depth during your meditations.

A sample meditation:

Read the instructions given in the booklet beforehand. Lie down or sit down and read the poem (which is in the booklet) before, during or after the meditation. Reading in itself is also a meditation. 

Let the space fill with sound and silence. Through the harmonising sounds of singing, piano, gongs, singing bowls and other (overtone) instruments, you can relax completely and attention moves beyond the story world of the mental, emotional and physical body. The usual thought resistances dissolve and you are back at home in the space of timeless silent being. Exactly where and how this works out for you will become apparent.

The booklet costs €7.50 (including postage). It contains instructions, the text of the poem and a code to play or download (on CD quality) the sound meditation. You can download the booklet via our webshop order. 

Surprise yourself or someone else with this gift.


- Gwen & Harry (Spirit Connection) - gongs & overtone instruments

- Mike del Ferro - piano

- Natalie Merfort - soprano

- Frans de Rond - creative partner, recording & editing

- Harry van Dalen - creative sound design & production

Spirit Connection