sound baths, sound meditation concerts & gong meditations

sound baths and sound meditation concerts

Our gong baths and concerts are usually lying down and often in special locations.


At a traditional sound bath we only work with sound instruments such as gongs, different types of singing bowls and other overtone instruments.


At sound meditation concerts we combine our instruments with musical instruments played by professional musicians such as didgeridoo, Indian flute, vocals, cello, piano, percussion, and so on.

gong meditations

We regularly give free gong meditations at our premises but also at special locations. These are sound- and silence-guided meditations.


What can you expect at our concerts and meditations?

You lie among gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Through the undulating flow of sound and vibration, the feeling of separation from other people and the world around you disappears. Time and space dissolve into your essential silence.


The mental, emotional and physical aspects of your body become super-conductive and regenerative, dissolving the ego's habitual resistance and relaxing you into stillness.

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