free sound meditations

streaming or downloading

These meditations are like download and streaming freely available via the links below. You will also find more information about the meditation in question there.

[UK text, see below*] This Spirit Connection meditation is aimed at balancing the body/mind and thereby vitalising it....
This meditation is inspired by SOLUTION, a verse from the Ashtavakra Gita (a classical Advaita Vedanta scripture, written as a dialogue between...
This guided meditation is inspired by a verse (DISSOLUTION) from the Ashtavakra Gita (a classic Advaita Vedanta scripture written as a dialogue...
[UK version] This meditation is inspired by a verse (DISSOLUTION) from the Ashtavakra Gita (a classic Advaita Vedanta scripture written as a...

sound baths and sound meditation concerts

Our gong baths and concerts are usually recumbent, often in special locations.

At a traditional gong bath we only work with sound instruments such as gongs, different types of singing bowls and other overtone instruments.


At sound meditation concerts we combine our instruments with musical instruments played by professional musicians such as didgeridoo, Indian flute, vocals, cello, piano, percussion, and so on.

gong meditations

We regularly give free gong meditations at our premises but also at special locations. These are sound- and silence-guided meditations.


What can you expect at our concerts and meditations?

You lie among gongs, singing bowls and other instruments. Through the undulating flow of sound and vibration, the feeling of separation from other people and the world around you disappears.

Time and space dissolve into your essential silence.

The mental, emotional and physical aspects of your body become super-conductive and regenerative, dissolving the ego's habitual resistance and relaxing you into stillness.

group sessions

For the Power of Sound sound treatment, we also have a group room for small groups of 2 to 6 people. This space is intuitively filled with instruments tailored to the group.


individual sessions

We have a special sound room with a special sound bed where you lie between gongs, singing bowls, tongue drum, monochord and other overtone instruments tuned to you for this treatment. This treatment works on the physical, mental and emotional body. Thereby, sound is the carrier wave for consciousness that increases energy, dissolves blockages and helps against stress, tension and insomnia. It can also provide insight into conditioning and structures.


We regularly give workshops and sound meditations at our premises, but we also do this on location. We then work with gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan full-moon singing bowls and tuning forks.


We provide these trainings for half a day (minimum) or several days.

You can also hire us for a training course or workshop custom. For example, as part of a corporate training or at a yoga retreat.



The gong is the most resonant instrument we know to date. When the gong vibrates, you feel all the resonances in every cell of your body. These vibrations are the most powerful resonances used in holistic healing. For more than 5,000 years, the gong has been used for this purpose and the gong is also the oldest instrument. In komtum physics, the gong is also called the zero-point field. The gong field is composed of trillions of overtones coming off this disc in a so-called Fibonacci sequence. These trillions of overtones fill the space around our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The cosmic music of the gong is called the dissonant harmony. The transcendental sounds of the sacred gong come from the great chaos beneath which lies the world of formation.

Paiste, Gongland, Oetken, Meinl & Grotta Sonora gongs

These brands build the most sophisticated gongs available and we are proud to be the exclusive dealer in the Netherlands. We have all planetary gongs and symphony, creation and brilliance-gongs in our shop. And we have a large number of custom made gongs. You can listen to and experience them all with us. The gongs we have range from 24" to 60". Paiste, Oetken and Meinl gongs are made by hand.


Chinese gongs

Besides the aforementioned gongs, we also have a nice collection of Chinese sungongs which we have handpicked for sound. Many of our sungongs are tuned to planetary frequencies. We have these in various sizes from 50 cm to 135 cm.

Himalaya singing bowls

These singing bowls originate from Tibetan Buddhist areas in the various states in the Himalayas. These bowls were used for various purposes such as as dinner bowls, sacrificial bowls, percussion instruments, relaxation supporting sound sources, as instruments in meditation and healing. Today, these bowls are still used almost exclusively for healing and meditation. Each singing bowl has its own character, tone and timbre.

A singing bowl produces sound by, among other things, striking it with a striking stick or by slowly circling the rim with the rubbing stick. Singing bowls have many overtone resonances with specific swells. Each Himalayan bowl is selected by us in Nepal. We select them according to sound, tone and vibration. This ensures we have a nice assortment of old and new singing bowls.

crystal singing bowls

Almost everyone is attracted to gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, diamond and many others, among others. Semi-precious stones like rock crystal, lapis lazuli have also been in demand for thousands of years. They were used for adornment and power, among other things, but especially as sacred signifiers. In many cultures, these stones were used for its healing properties. Crystals come in countless forms that thus also have their meanings.

crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made of 99.992% pure compressed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees Celsius in a centrifugal mould. The bowls are available in transparent or frosted form (classic frosted and ultra light frosted) and in a variety of sizes, ranging from 15 to 61 cm in diameter. The bowls radiate a pure and powerful resonance. The larger bowls possess a much more intense reverberation, with a longer lasting tone than the smaller ones. Simply due to their size and amount of crystal used. The size of the bowl does not automatically determine its tone.

alchemy singing bowls

These are crystal bowls combined with other minerals and metals. These combinations produce not only a spectacular appearance but, above all, a special vibration. The sounds are rich, full and with the most beautiful overtones. So you experience the Silence within yourself. The various combinations provide many possibilities for therapy and meditation. These vibrations travel perceptibly through space and over and through your body. If you are curious, feel free to visit us for a meeting with these special crystal bowls. We have a wide selection in our shop. Feel free to call for an appointment.

crystal and copper tube instruments

We have several varieties in different moods


Ohm and Luna tuning forks

We have a wide range of these tuning forks in different octaves.