26 to 27 May: Gongpuja at Venwoude

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From Saturday morning 26 May to Sunday morning 27 May, we will organise a Gongpuja at the beautiful Venwoude location in Lage Vuursche.

What is a Gongpuja?
You have to imagine the room being filled with about 20 gongs arranged in a vortex. Around this vortex, people lie sleeping or meditating an entire night in the sounds of the gongs. An "all night Gong Puja" is a journey through space in the Silence of who you are. Space is filled by multifying layers of overtones created by the gongs. It is an experience beyond all expectations. It is a ceremony of cleansing, regeneration, rejuvenation and insight - a process that takes about 7.5 hours in total. A Gongpuja involves playing at a volume where you can sleep and/or meditate. Anyone participating in this evening/night is encouraged to participate fully in the Puja by taking turns playing the gong for the group or simply disappearing into the experience.

We will use Saturday for preparations, the your own make with the gongs and silent meditation. So that you can completely relax and tune in to this experience.

Gongpuja € 149 (including lunch, dinner and breakfast)

What should you bring?
Bring your own bottle of water, a duvet or sleeping bag and a pillow for a comfortable night. Think about comfortable clothes. Mattresses are provided there.

Venwoude is a centre of awareness. For more information on Venwoude, see www.venwoude.nl. The venue is in the middle of the woods and has its own showers and toilets.

More information and the preliminary programme will follow. For questions, feel free to contact 06-23915277 or send an e-mail to info@spiritconnection.nl.


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