Saturday 16 June 8pm: 'The Manifest and the Unmanifest' recumbent concert

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Price is per person.

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This evening we perform a recital in the tradition "The Manifest and the Unmanifest" in the beautiful Grote Kerk in Weesp.

Of course, we will again have many guest musicians joining in this evening alongside our 30 gongs and overtone instruments. More information will follow.

When we lie in the magical whirlwind of sounds, any sense of separateness from other people and the world around us disappears. Time and space dissolve into the silent essence that you essentially are.

This concert is a recumbent concert because it is about the inner experience of the whole rather than the visual spectacle. For people who cannot lie down, it is always possible to attend this concert seated. There is also a disabled entrance in the church.

The cost for this concert is €39.50 per person. The concert will be held in the Grote kerk (Laurens kerk) on Nieuwstraat 31 in Weesp on Saturday 16 June at 20.00. The doors of the church will open one hour before the concert. Make sure you are on time as the doors will be locked the moment the concert starts.


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