SOLD OUT 27 January 2018: Workshop Intuitive working with Ohm, Luna, Flower of Life and Planets tuning forks

This Saturday we will give The workshop intuitive working with tuning forks. This is a workshop to work practically with tuning forks.

Following a simple and effective method, you place tuning forks on the body. You do this on acupuncture points, trigger and reflex points, bones and muscles, among other things, in order to bring the qi flow better and ease pain. The tuning forks each have their own effective sound frequency to neutralise the bombardment of external noises and other stress-sensitive factors in our daily lives. The vibrating tuning forks create a healing resonance in the body. And can remedy negative resonance or disharmony leading to illness. The healing resonance is calming, soothing and calming and can give you more vitality and energy.

During the workshop, the functioning of tuning forks will be explained, as well as a lot of practice with each other.

The workshop is from 10am - 3pm and will be held at Spirit Connection on Borneolaan 25 in Hilversum.
The cost is €35. You can register Sign in here.

Spirit Connection