10 Dec: GONGMEDITATION concert at the Van Houtenkerk in Weesp

with seats and berths

CONCERT December 10 SUSPENSED to MAY 6 and 7!

Dear people, Our 10 December concert could unfortunately not take place. We now have new dates: 6 and 7 May. Tickets will remain valid. Ticket holders will be notified by e-mail on how to redeem their tickets. If you still prefer to get your money back, that is also possible. Just email us your name and email address. (N.B. We are on recess from 3 February and will be back on 2 March. Then we can refund your money. So please be patient) We hope to see you at our gong meditation concert. In loving resonance, Gwen & Harry
Van Houtenkerk Weesp

Inspired by the poem ''Come with me' from Rumi This year, we are giving a gong meditation concert.
Seated, the sound enters the body directly and carries you along. Lying down, it is more about merging into the space and what takes place in it that leads. Decide for yourself what appeals to you.

What can you expect from this concert?

The space fills with sound and silence. Through the harmonising sounds of singing, musical instruments, gongs and singing bowls, percussion and other (overtone) instruments, you can relax completely and attention moves beyond the story world of the mental, emotional and physical body. The usual thought resistances dissolve and you are back at home in the space of timeless silent being. Exactly where and how this works out for you will become apparent during the evening.

the Hymns to the Silence-ensemble:

  • Gwen & Harry gongs and overtone instruments
  • Siem Percusiem percussion
  • Natalie Merfort soprano
  • Wilma Thalen violin
  • Mike Del Ferro piano
  • Frans de Rond soundscapes

So you can choose either a berth or a seat. If you opt for a berth don't forget bring a mat, pillow and blanket so you can lay back and relax. There is also a disabled entrance in the church.
The church will open at 8pm and we will start at 8:30pm.
The concert will last about 1.5 hours. You will find the Van Houtenkerk at Oude Gracht 69 in Weesp.

A ticket for a berth amounts to €39.00 and a seat €35,00.

We are required, as per government corona measures, to ask for a corona ticket upon entry!

A short video impression of our concerts can be found here.

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