Saturday 1 Sept 8pm: YANG sound bath

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Life is constantly changing. Change is the only certainty. It seems to oscillate between Yin and Yang. In that pendulum movement, daily life expresses itself in you.
With this as a starting point, we have developed a wonderful thematic triptych for you. In Studio 2 of the MCO in Hilversum, we will organise three consecutive sound baths:

  • Yin-bath, focusing on female energy,
  • Yang bath, focusing on male energy,
  • Yin & Yang bath, which focuses on the energetic balance of the masculine and feminine.

The feminine and masculine in us can be out of balance or not 'seen'. By being more aware of this polarity and realising that they only exist in relation to each other, we can regain a balanced relationship between ourselves and the world around us and see its wholeness. To highlight these aspects, we organise these three sound baths.
The Yin bath with gongs and crystal singing bowls is performed by Gwen and Judith. The Yang bath is performed by Harry and Siem with gongs, crystal singing bowls and percussion. And the Yin & Yang bath is performed by Gwen and Harry with gongs and crystal.

We keep it small and intimate with a maximum of 40 participants. Both acoustically and in its quietness, the MCO recording studio lends itself ideally to this kind of event. You can book these sound baths individually or as a series.

The Yang sound bath will take place on Saturday, September 1, at 8pm.
The Yin sound bath on Saturday 10 November at 8pm.
The Yin-Yang sound bath on Saturday 15 December at 8pm.

These sound baths are held in Studio 2 of the MCO building at Heuvellaan 33 in Hilversum. You can park there for free.

Don't forget to bring your own mat, pillow and possibly blanket so you can lie back and relax!

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