10 May: Satsang in Sound with Jan van Delden

This day is all about a Satsang in sound through your own voice, gongs, crystal singing bowls and in words by Jan van Delden speaking from the Silence. The morning begins with chanting of Aum led by Fred Smalbrugge, choral conductor. After this sound meditation, Jan will begin his satsang. This satsang will conclude with a gong bath with crystal singing bowls.

Jan van Delden was the right-hand man of Dutch teacher Wolter Keers. Who in turn was a student of Ramana Maharshi and Krishna Menon, two of the most important representatives of advaita-vedanta - the doctrine of non-dualism - in India in the first half of the last century. In addition, Jan has been inspired by the writings of A Course in Miracles.

Jan is an inspiration to us through his books "Self-Realisation", "Back from Never Away" and "Many Roads, One Home", among others, which led us to him. The special encounters with him gave us many insights into who we are not. One of Jan's many beautiful sayings is; "Everything you see in another, you can also see in yourself, otherwise you cannot recognise it. Boundless recognition of yourself in the other cannot but lead to recognition of the One".

We are delighted that Jan will hold a satsang on the theme "the Silence speaks" in Spirit Connection's world of sound.
The day will be held at the Van Houtenkerk on Oudegracht 69 in Weesp and is from 10.30 am - 5 pm. You are welcome from 10.15am so we can start at 10.30am.

Spirit Connection