SILENCE SMILES - sound meditation book -

sticker-silence-smilesThe book contains 2 audio CDs with sound meditations and 104 pages with looking and reading meditations.

The sound meditations included on these books CDs are invitations to turn inward with sound.
These meditations are designed to redirect your attention from hearing to unconditional and objectless listening, and to observe the subtle experiencing itself, rather than the experiences. And loose yourself in the sound of stillness.

The sound book contains two audio CDs. The one more sound orientated and the other more music centred:

- Hymn To The Silence
This piece starts with undivided silence. As the first cause you hear the gong, which continues and takes form as sound, and then it unfolds slowly into a colourful creation.
'Hymn To The Silence' is performed by cello, contrabass, didgeridoo, choir, percussion, soprano, native American flute, gongs, crystal bowls as well as meditation bowls from the Himalayas.

Listen to a compilation of this composition:


- Call & Response
In this piece we hear the stillness that conducts a dialogue with itself, which causes creation. In a game of call and response, question and answer, the undisbursed stillness is always present in the peace and space between words and sound.
'Call & Response' was performed on piano, percussion, gongs, crystal bowls and meditation bowls from the Himalayas.

Listen to a compilation of this composition:



Just as you can listen and look without naming things, you can also read by bringing your attention back to the act of reading itself. Thoughts and feelings will respond naturally. Follow them without dwelling on their content too closely. Observe this game without judgment.
Realise that there is not a 'somebody' doing that. No one here and no one there. Isn't it amazing?
(You can find some sample pages of the book and the introduction by clicking on the picture of the gong >>>)

The Hymns Ensemble
The Hymns Ensemble is a group of professional musicians and audio-adepts who are regularly invited by Harry van Dalen (Spirit Connection) for the Manifest & the Unmanifest sound concerts and the Sound Experience music meditations of Spirit Connection.

Silence SMILES
Members of the Hymns Ensemble were invited to the studio in varying combinations, and at different moments to take part in this Silence SMILES adventure. There wasn't much of a framework. The main idea was to focus on making room for stillness, sound and music. The intention was to be inspired in and by the moment, and to transcend the personal playfully.
This explains the title, Silence SMILES, the stillness with which impersonal love invites you in with laughter.

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